Alcohol ban: Should the sale and consumption of alcohol be further restricted, or even banned?

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  • Bans Do Not Work

    The United States has already tried banning alcohol sales and consumption once, and it really did not work all that well. All it did was drive the production and sale of alcohol into the arms of organized crime, and they made millions off of it. People are going to drink; nothing will change that.

  • No--look at what happened with Prohibition

    Alcoholism should not be restricted or banned, because it would result in a situation similar to the drug problem here in the US, in which the criminalization of drugs has led to a huge crime problem and an overcrowded prison system filled to the brim with non-violent drug users. This sounds far-fetched, but in the 1920s, when the US enacted Prohibition, there was a huge surge in criminal activity, because gangsters realized they could make a lot of money selling alcohol on the black market.

    Besides, criminalizing alcohol is wrong on ethical principle, because you'd be essentially punishing alcoholics for a vice they can't control, not giving them the kind of help that they really need.

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