• The alcohol-free bar is, from a business stance, a bad idea.

    People go to bars in order to socialize with friends and have a good time while drunk, and they cannot do that without alcohol. In my opinion, there's little reason to go to an alcohol-free bar, you can get good-tasting drinks somewhere else. Society also glorifies alcohol, and people go to drink it to fit in and seem cool. People may view alcohol-free drinks as uncool.

  • An alcohol free bar is laughable

    The whole point of a bar is for people to be social, which includes alcohol to relax everyone. People are going to a bar to let their hair down and get to know others. It is a completely different ambience without good alcoholic spirits, so no wonder this bar closed in less than a week. I think the owners would agree that it was a pipe dream.

  • Alcohol is what makes a Bar

    Nearly everyone who frequents bars goes to them strictly for the alcohol. Alcohol has become a huge component of the average American lifestyle, and the only chance a bar has of succeeding without it is the use of a replacement, and even then it is not as likely to bring in as much money. For instance, a coffee bar is a great idea but people are not as likely to stay ordering repeated drinks the way they do with beer, for instance.

  • Alcohol-free bars are a pipe dream

    Who ever thought that an alcohol free bar was a good idea? I believe places without alcohol are called - home. I like how ventures like this are conceived, but far too many are ill thought out. The purpose of a bar is the alcohol. Anything else is just a social center.

  • Not a pipe dream

    More and more people are becoming health conscious and living a healthier life style. Not to say they may never drink but they are drinking less and picking healthier beverages. Take tea for instance. I believe a cool loose leaf tea bar with entertainment, dancing, yoga, games, kareoke nights etc could totally work. Many young people are opting for health and aren’t buying in to the old “what’s cool” anymore but rather what’s cool now and better for me.

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