• I personally believe nothing good comes out of alcohol that couldn't be achieved with healthier and safer things.

    The first thing I would like to point out is that in NO WAY is cannabis healthy for your body. It does not grow brain cells, that's completely ridiculous. That's the problem with brain damage. Brain cells don't rejuvenate. Weed doesn't cure cancer, it causes it. Inhaling chemicals into your brain is not a good thing no matter what that chemical is. It is purely used to suppress pain, and that is it. But back to the topic at hand, yeah personally I believe alcohol causes nothing but trouble. But you do also have to take into account the hundreds of thousands of jobs alcohol provides. Sure, I think it should be heavily regulated; much more than it is currently. But to ban it completely may destroy local economy across the entire country.

  • No "outlawing" instead of "regulating" a market creates a terrible black market.

    If you had family that lived through prohibition and studied the consequences of prohibition, you would know it massively creates a terrible criminal syndicate like the modern "War on Drugs" that promotes the use of "unregulated" drugs, and like modern times the prohibition times had "bathtub liquor" a homemade alcohol that often was poorly made and actually was extremely toxic and caused terrible health issues.
    Plus what about all the modern alcoholics? You can't just take alcohol from people and expect it to stop, as alcoholism has severe withdraws that can cause swelling, hallucinations, and possible death.
    Really simple; You make something absolutely illegal, the results turn the opposite way you want it to go.
    I will include also that over taxing alcohol is terrible, as over taxing alcohol effectively hurts the poor and need I remind you of the Whiskey Rebellion? People need their fix, and it's repugnant to take away their rights.

  • Not really. It not as bad as you think.....

    In my opinion consuming a little amount alcohol is not a bad thing, There should be a law that say over drinking should be illegal but alcohol can be legal. There is a science research that a little amount of alcohol can help with heart problems. I don't drink alcohol but i think it is okay to drink once a while for a party maybe.

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KwLm says2018-03-05T10:28:56.337
Wow, the image used for this poll is so very wrong.