• Yes, Aldi employees are happier due to the high pay.

    Yes, Aldi has made its stores better places to work by paying its employees more than the average wage. Although many other factors contribute to whether or not a company is a good place to work, the level of salary it offers obviously plays a major role in employee satisfaction.

  • Sounds like it is

    It sounds as though Aldi is a great place to work. They offer extremely competitive, even off-the-charts type of pay for the type of business that they are. This is a great business model that other companies should look into. Pay your employees well, offer low-cost products, and cut out all the glitz and glam.

  • Yes, Aldi is a great place to work.

    Aldi is a great place to work. The company offers competitive pay and a fairly relaxed work environment when it comes to the grocery industry. Typically, customers in Aldi's are not as stressed as in other large box retailers, because the company provides great products at an affordable price. In short, Aldi is one of the better grocery stores to be employed with.

  • Aldi could be a great place to work.

    While paying well is a great start to working at a company, there are other factors as well. Paying well shows that a company values their employees, but a great job involves more than just great wages. Listening to employees and respecting them as human beings is equally important. High pay is a great start though. Hopefully more businesses will follow suit.

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