Alex Hribal: Are school shootings giving way to school stabbings?

  • It is possible

    It could be so that school shootings are giving way to school stabbings as well having other possible impacts on people. It is possible that some people may want to use a knife instead of a gun for whatever reason to commit their crime unfortunately. Perhaps the schools should invest more into security.

  • This is the wrong question.

    The question is why common human beings are more frequently deciding to try and kill as many people as possible.
    Reasons for an action of this caliber usually has to do with what's important to them. It's the classic reason for taking up arms against the common peoples. Some people think this one's actions voices the opinion of many in distress. Self hatred imposes misanthropy and vice-versa. What is responsible for this behavior is the state of our culture, more descriptively, we have no culture. Privatizing and materializing ourselves, this way of life is nothing but suffering on a stick. Families have no connection with each other. If the parents don't know why their very own son had done something like this, they obviously didn't take even a single second to talk to him about what he may be going through. In his current life.
    Alex wanted to be recognized as a killer for a reason, though. My guess is that the REAL reason is likely a key clue to some of the major faults in our society. However, It's also likely that Alex visualized doing something like this before, making the motive not so random, just the victims. Someone in pain should never have to be pushed to this point, but, all of us would chose a path when backed into a corner, and Alex obviously felt he needed to do this, either for his own personal reasons, or for outside reasons. Ask yourself, what justification can someone make to physically harm as many people as possible? The most sane reasons have to do with hatred in the boldest form, but that doesn't mean an insane reason doesn't necessarily stem from real life reasons. It's almost like an omen, since most historical anti-government revolts occurred due to the people being unsatisfied with their current way of life, which is what Alex had expressed through action, whatever his reasons may be. Him being so young is what greater symbolizes an even darker future.
    In situations like these, it is I who feels great sympathy for the offender, wondering who could have saved him from this decision so that he may further his goal in a more meaningful manner. Now, what he thinks doesn't matter to most people, they simply label him a "psychopath," worry about the victims and wait for the next critical story to be pinned to the bulletin. How many people have to suffer before we realize our entire way of life is unacceptable and take a stand? Oh well, perhaps this just means we all deserve whatever misfortunes that sprout out of that fact.

  • No school stabbings are not becoming the event of choice for acts of school violence.

    No school stabbings are not becoming the event of choice for acts of school violence. The stabbing spree committed by Alex Hribal was simply the act of mentally challenged person using the most convenient weapon available, kitchen knives. Stabbing someone is personal and generally reflects anger directed specifically at the victim.

  • No They Aren't

    If guns were outlawed in the United States you would see more school stabbings, but in today's world, some school stabbings aren't even reported. Teens are bound to be interested in weapons as it is usually the younger population of a country that is more interested in violence. This is actually quite normal. I have my doubts this will become a trend in American society.

  • No, stabbings are not as common as shootings.

    Despite a few incidents in China a few years back, there have been relatively few cases of school stabbings in recent years. School shootings on the other hand have been as common as ever and continue to cause alarm and grief in the communities in which they occur most frequently.

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