Alexander Litvinenko accused Vladimir Putin of being a paedophile: Should accused paedophiles face the death penalty?

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  • What About Mistakes?

    Paedophilia is one of the most terrible crimes against humanity. However, I would not recommend that accused paedophiles face the death penalty, because they legal system is not 100 percent accurate. Once someone is put to death, there is no way that the action can be reversed. Paedophiles deserve strict punishment that will keep children safe, but the death penalty isn't the answer.

  • There is no proof.

    There is no proof to show that Vladimir Putin is a paedophile. Innocent until proven guilty. I do not believe he is a paedophile anyways, He does not act like he is. But as I said there is no proof of him being a paedophile, So this is only an assumption. There is no proof, Lies can be made up easily, And a lot of people do not like Putin for what ever reason. So no, I do not agree. However people that are caught with proof should be given the death penalty, Slow, Painful death.

  • Anyone can accuse

    It would be completely asinine to convict anyone accused of pedophilia to death. First of all, paraphilias are medical ailments, and to sentence one to death over a desire they cannot control would be akin to sentencing someone to death for smoking or hoarding. Additionally, condeming the accused is a great way to relive the Salem Witch Trials.

  • No, pedophiles should not face the death penalty.

    Pedophiles should not face the death penalty because some pedophiles have a mental disorder that causes their pedophilia. While their actions and crimes against children are horrible, the death penalty is generally reserved for those who commit murder, so the punishment be cruel and unusual and would not fit the crime.

  • Accused not proven pedophiles should not face death penalty

    This question is troubling because not many countries employ the innocent until proven guilty mantra. In these cases then, accused can be correlated with guilty and then a person accused of being a pedophile could face the death penalty and actually be innocent. However, I do think that those convicted under a fair trial of being a pedophile should face death penalty.

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Vox_Veritas says2016-01-23T02:13:40.443
Sure, but is there really any proof that Vladimir Putin is one?
Vox_Veritas says2016-01-23T02:14:46.247
Oh wait...Accused pedophiles. Whoops.