Alexis Arquette claims Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are gay: Should a celebrity's sexual orientation be national news?

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  • They have a right to a private life.

    Why does a woman no one has heard of before tell other people that famous people are gay? Because she is advertising something that she wants to make money at. Whether or not Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are gay doesn't matter. What matters is that we have a society that allows nothing people to ride on other people's fame. This is appalling. What happens in the private lives of celebrities is none of the public's business.

  • No, celebrity sexual orientation should not be national news

    Unless a celebrity issues a statement saying they are gay or straight, sexual orientation should not be national news. Sexual orientation is a personal issue, and celebrities deserve privacy like any other person. Coming out should be done at a person's discretion and pace. Outing someone can unnecessarily expose them to harassment and abuse.

  • None of our business

    Some celebrities have chosen to disclose their sexual orientation or other personal details about their lives, but none of them are obligated to. I know there are big bucks in celebrity gossip and that people will stretch as far as they can to get a "scoop," but still at the end of the day Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's sexual orientation is none of our business nor is the private information of any other actor.

  • Privacy should not be only for the common person.

    It should not matter whether a celebrity is gay or not. It is nobodies business but their own. If they choose to let others know than that is their right just like every other person. I don't feel that sexual orientation is anyone's business or that it even needs to be known but since people are so stuck in everyone else's business I feel that orientation should be theirs alone to tell.

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