Algae biofuel: Does algae biofuel take up too much land?

  • Too Much Land

    Biofuels created from algae are an interesting and creative energy source, but they are not economically feasible at this stage in their development. The primary reason for this is that the amount of land required to support sufficient algae biofuel growth and production is much too large in relation to the economic output from the land.

  • Better than most other options

    Bio fuel has an amazing potential and can really impact energy crisis we have today, Although some may say it takes up too much land, Solar panels and wind turbines that take up much more space for much more cost, Not to mention, Wind turbines have a reputation to knock down birds out of the sky, Which makes funny videos, And there are much more efficient ways you can grow algae biofuel

  • Algae farming is space efficient

    Biofuel is a wonderful thing, burning it makes the area smell like frenchfries when its burned, rather than smog.
    As a non professional even I can imagine efficient setups to produce and refine algae for biofuel. Think towers of watertanks and refracting lightrods to grow algae underground. It could take up a large amount of land if farmed horizontally, but it doesn't have to.

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