Algae biofuel: Does algae biofuel use too much water?

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  • No, algae biofuel is more sustainable than using gasoline.

    As much water as algae biofuel uses, it still remains sustainable when compared with the unsustainable practice of using up non renewable resources like fossil fuels. Algae can even be grown in strategic areas quickly, allowing humans control over which water sources are used to grow the algae, which helps to control the resource use.

  • No, Algae bio-fuel doesn't use too much water.

    In my opinion Algae bio-fuel doesn't use too much water, in fact the water that is used is enriched with nutrients and can be used to fertilize soil and enhance wetlands. The reason that the implication was ever made that Algae bio-fuel used an excessive amount of water was to discredit the process.

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