Algae biofuel: Is algae biofuel good for combating global warming?

  • It's one of the many promsiing types of alternative fuels.

    Algae biofuels, as with other ogranic-based fuels which use lipids/fats for energy, are very much in theri beginning stages. But with the right infrastructure (like huge vats for cultivation) algae production can absolutely be used as an alternative energy source. The question will become scalability and making it cost effective. Still a way to go before that can happen.

  • Yes, using Algae fuel would slow down the process of global warming.

    Yes, algae biofuel is good for combating global warming. In my opinion, we should consider every choices that we have to prevent global warming. Algae fuel is on one many ways that we could use in order to protect our planet. Using renewable sources would definitely good for this present situation.

  • No, algae biofuels still produce exhaust, but it could be used as a transition.

    Algae biofuels should be used as a transition between current oil-dependent cars to clean electric-cars. Oil is finite, resulting in decreasing supply over time. Due to supply and demand increasing and decreasing each other, oil and gasoline prices osculates. It slowly increases prices, until it peaks and greatly affects the economy. An example of this is the 2008 house crash, in which gas prices rose to $4.00. The price of oil has huge effects on our economy, so it has to be replaced. Sadly, our current electric cars and clean energy are not sufficient for a stable change. So, to give time for these developing technologies and to no longer be dependent on oil, algae biofuels, which mass produce quickly, could be used in current gas tanks. This technology produces enough energy and with mass production, prices could be a constant $4.00 and under, which is better than a price that could go peak and greatly affect economy. It’s already developed and, with mass production, it is affordable. Using algae biofuels gets rid of the dependency on finite resources and gives us times to advance in other clean energies.

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