Algae biofuel: Is algae biofuel superior to other biofuels?

  • Yes, it could be.

    Algae biofuel opens up a whole new window of ways to get the fuels we need to get things running. From what I understand this could replace fossil fuels and potentially reduce the amount of bad pollution in the air and help to clean up the earth for the better.

  • Yes. Algae biofuel is safer and cleaner.

    It almost sounds like something that you would see in a science fiction movie, a bad science fiction movie. But the truth could not be further than that. The truth is that algae biofuel, like most "green" alternative is safer, cleaner and more efficient than our current fossil fuel sources. While the start up for the switch to algae biofuel would be slow and costly studies have proved to that could effectively replace a significant portion of our reliance on foreign fossil fuels.

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