Algeria defeats South Korea: Is Algeria the dark horse in this year's World Cup?

  • A World Cup of Many Surprises.

    Brazil's 2014 World Cup seems to be full of many surprises. From Spain's shocking knock out, to USA's surprising draw with Portugal. I think it is definitely fair to call Algeria a dark horse, but it seems as though anything could happen this time around. It seems like there are a lot of changes going on in terms of international football rankings.

  • Algeria for the win!

    Algeria could be the dark horse in the World Cup. We should not underestimate teams from smaller countries of teams that are not as well funded as countries like South Korea. Algeria has a strong team and good players, in a sport like soccer, money does not talk- good defense and good footwork talks.

  • They are doing great.

    Yes, Algeria is the dark horse in this year's World Cup, because of their surprise victory over South Korea. Algeria is not a team that you think of when you think about soccer or the World Cup. But their victory over South Korea was decisive. It was 4-2. It was not a close match. Good for them

  • Time will tell if Algeria are dark horses

    It is too early in the World Cup contest to say if any one team is the "dark horse". Just because a supposed underdog team has a success that does not mean they are consistently successful. TIme will tell if Algeria will have further successes and maybe they will, but at this stage in the came, we cannot make such sweeping statements.

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