• Mass marketed for low prices.

    Yes, Alibaba is the Chinese equivalent of Amazon, because they have a similar business model. Alibaba sells large amounts of goods at low prices, and they are a massive distributor. In that way, their business is much like Amazon's is today, even though Amazon started out only selling books. Alibaba is similar in its quest to make money.

  • Yes, Alibaba could be compared to Amazon.

    Alibaba is the China's largest commerce company, and Amazon is a large American commerce company, and as such, they are comparable. They both sell a vast amount of goods to the public and conduct their business online, which are more similarities. Alibaba is a profitabe company for China and Amazon is a profitable company for America.

  • Alibaba is not the same as Amazon.

    From what I've seen from the Alibaba website, it is a large online retailer in China that sells a lot of different products. In that aspect it is similar to Amazon, but that's about the only similarity. Amazon spends a lot of money making their website user friendly and easy to use. It is constantly improving on their customer service experience and strives in a lot of areas to be innovative to make the shopping at home experience positive so that they can retain and keep customers. It has a lot of different products as well with the Amazon brand that they roll out to keep competitive in other different areas and not just to be an online retailer. Alibaba is large, true, but browsing through their website, it doesn't have the same ease of use as Amazon. There are fewer options to get complete information on the product and their website isn't as good as Amazon's. Their similarities are few.

  • No, Alibaba is not the Chinese Amazon primarily sells to consumers, while Alibaba primarily sells to business owners. Therefore, Alibaba's goods are typically sold in high-volume batches instead of quantities practical for the end user. Also, Amazon supplies media content, while Alibaba does not. Amazon also sources product from legal channels and has parameters on what it will sell.

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