• alibaba gonna rock the ipo

    Today is the age of technology, one who is techno geek can easily get popular and cover great share of market. Alibaba is a gaint e-commerece company, it has shown in the previous years that it can compete with big boys and get success aswell. Hence, it should not be a big problem to overtake the U.S. market.

  • It's all about Tech.

    Yes, as people's needs and interests change over time, so will e-commerce markets overtake traditional ones. Wal Mart has lost a great deal to Amazon. Sears used to run a mail order business, but that has gone out of style. Times change, and it is natural that stocks and their values change to reflect it, too

  • E-commerce giants will give brick and mortar retails a challenge, but will not overtake the U.S. Market

    As impressive as the Alibaba IPO was, I do not believe that the e-commerce giants will overtake the U.S. Market. They have, however, shown that they are fully capable of competing with brick and mortar retailers and can hold their own. There are many reasons why customers want to shop offline, including being able to try a product before buying it, so for the foreseeable future, there will always be room for both online and offline retailers.

  • No, Alibaba did not overtake the US Market on Friday, it will just continue as another stock story with ups and downs.

    Since Friday, Alibaba has seen a few percentage points decline in it's overall stock value. While it entered in the market as the most highly anticipated IPO on the NYSE, stocks traded well beside Alibaba and people were still interested in the high brand e-commerce names ensuring no major sell offs adding more confidence that consumers and investors still love their American brand companies. Alibaba will certainly have it's appeal in the US Markets, but signs of clear domination aren't there now.

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