• Yes, this is inevitable

    China's e-commerce giant has been strong enough to kick out Amazon and eBay out of China to maintain national interest. It's stock is set to get even stronger, and its cheap Chinese prices will easily undercut the competition. Its profits and infrastructure alone will mean that Alibaba will out-invest its competition too.

  • biggest IPO in history

    i believe alibaba will be bigger then amazon , if you look at the region of the world that they are at now its much larger then the western world where amazon is currently at. the biggest IPO in history is a strong sign that they are soon to become bigger then amazon.

  • Alibaba vs Amazon

    I do not think that Alibaba will be bigger than Amazon at this point in time. Amazon is a very very great business online and has a vast amount of loyal customers. Many have not heard of this other website and still continue to use Amazon as their prime online shopping.

  • no it cannot.

    Alibaba is overrated Alibaba is overrated. It is great for
    people interesting in making money for China and for wholesalers, but
    most Americans don't know anything about Alibaba and most will not look
    into the site because it is not oriented towards the typical consumer.
    Alibaba will surely sell, I just don't think it is going to be as big of
    a deal as Amazon.

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