Alibaba's Jack Ma doesn't shop online: Does this affect his credibility?

  • Jack Ma not shopping online affects credibility

    When it comes to a business, it is very important that the business owner use his or her own product whenever possible. If they do not then it makes the public begin to question whether or not they should spend money with that consumer. If you do not use your own product then try to avoid sharing that information with the public. It is like a cook who will not eat their own food, it just does not feel right.

  • Yes I do think this affects credibility.

    I do understand that you don't always need to do something in order to understand something. Although I have had many online shopping experiences, and some of them really sucked! Which is why I think Jack Ma should have shopped online before making Alibaba. I buy many things off the internet but Alibaba is probably a site I will never buy off of because its just not user friendly. You can tell he's never shopped online.

  • Jack Ma from Alibaba claims he doesn't shop online. This hurts his credibility.

    Jack Ma of the huge online outlet of Alibaba claims he doesn't shop online. I believe his credibility is hurt by this statement and Alibaba will lose business because of it. It is wise to shop at the same business you work for or at least in the same category.

  • Everyone Is Different

    I do not believe it matters rather someone shops online or not. I use to shop online a lot, but I do it less frequently now and that's just because I stopped buying all together. I try to stick to the basics. People can utilize the internet for different things at different times, that doesn't make them less credible.

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