Alibaba's shares soar on IPO debut: Will Alibaba become the next giant in the US tech market?

  • Alibaba Is the Next Giant on the US Tech Market

    I strongly believe that Alibaba is the next big name on the US market. Alibaba`s significant IPO and the large interest it attracts are another prove for the company`s global plans. Alibaba has already positioned itself as a number one on the lucrative Asian retail and Internet sectors. Thus global strategy promoting the launch on new markets is the logical step towards further growth.

  • Google is unbeatable

    Alibaba may be popular in China, but it can barely hold a candle to the effectiveness and design of Google. The design elements of Google are a vastly underrated reason that it maintains such a stranglehold on the US search market. While there might be other effective search options, the interface of Google has become so ingrained that US search consumers can hardly stand to use a different engine for even a few minutes.

  • Too Much To Be Fearful Of

    The Alibaba IPO is certainly a great story, and it is possible that all of the information and hype will turn out to be true. One huge concern is the role of the Chinese government, and how much control they will have. Additionally, the biggest issue is likely that the numbers provided by Alibaba have no ability to be audited or checked. Who knows if they are true or not?

  • No, Alibaba won't become giant in US tech market.

    Alibaba is being valued at billions upon billions of dollars, but the company won't become a tech giant in the United States. The fact of the matter is that the company isn't a bona fide tech company and only creates e-commerce platforms. That's not enough to gain a dominant hold in the United States.

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