Alice Cooper: 'Calling Mumford And Sons a rock band is an offence to rock 'n' roll.' Agree (yes) or disagree (no)?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • Erm they dont sound like rock to me

    Well last time i checked mumford and sons gets into the charts, so its wayy overly popular, and well rock songs just dont, also theyre not included in rock song polls and there isnt actually a genre of rock that fits their style and rock and would fit in with bands of that genre, country however, they fit in nicely

  • Mumford and Sons is a country bumpkin band.

    How could you, Cooper? I dont know you anymore. You're dead to me. You look dead to me, and you are dead to me. But no, Mumford and Sons isn't even a good band in my veiw, and they arn't even close to rock & roll. I dont get it. Maybe he's just, um, used to rock and roll bands?

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