• Attention all epic gamers!

    John wick needs your help!
    We need to squash the disagreements between the Martians over mining right! To do so is to vote yes so I can make an infographic (It's a school project). Also, Please don't vote no for the memes. I really need a biased poll. If you vote yes I will give you a single vbuck.

  • Not society related.

    At this time, It's irrelevant. Their may be life on other distant planets but it's doubtful they have ever been here much less are seeking mining rights here. The moon has no inhabitants and neither does Mars. It may have had life at one point but once it was no longer able to support an atmosphere, It could no longer support life so it also can not be inhabited by aliens. No aliens, No need for mining rights. Some day, We may find life on other planets, Possibly intelligent life. Thing is, Any of those planets are so distant that it will be a long time till we ever reach them much less worry about mining rights.

    Not sure if the first person who answered this is also the person who asked the question but either way, Their answer is irrelevant to a question about society. Fictional characters and video games are not a society in general.
    Sorry to disappoint them as I am voting on the no side. Not only because I disagree but because I despise the idea of bribery to base opinion on. It only shows a false narrative. I hope their class mates find this site and report them for attempting to force bias via bribery. It would not just nullify statistics from this question but also bring any of their other information into question as to it's validity.

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