• Aliens are fake

    People think the US got advance because of aliens and that they seeded us. I think that is just fake.
    A very famous satanist before rosewell summoned and manifested a demon. He drew what he saw and it looks like a grey alien. Then the Catholics which do very shady things have alien dressed as a priest in an old painting. The catholics do very dark rituals and they are the ones pushing for belief in aliens. If they believed in aliens why do they worship Satan and do black masses?
    I think aliens are demons and that would explain why they are so bizarre. An advance alien civilization would not interfere and meddle so heavily. Why would they want to seen so carelessly?
    In nature documentaries the camera people avoid meddling with animals. Aliens would not meddle with us.
    But demons meddle all the time they offer science and knowledge and power in exchange for souls and worship.
    Why is society becoming more satanic instead of more enlighten? Why are the old rituals being practiced once more, Why would aliens demand superstition and paganism?
    It is just like x files. The abductions were never real. They were just human experiments. An alien would not repeat the same procedure over and over again. All they would need would be a tiny sample and leave. The "aliens" sure act like human scientist that measure and tag you.

    TLDR those are not like aliens they are too human like. And for unexplained cases they could be demons instead. The bible says that a lot of people will be deceived and to not trust the masses.

  • Yes stop the hate science

    Taken from. . . . Taking Back Astronomy for the Lord

    The idea of extraterrestrial life stems largely from a belief in evolutionism. Recall that in the evolution view, The earth is “just another planet”—one where the conditions just happened to be right for life to form and evolve. If there are countless billions of other planets in our galaxy, Then surely at least a handful of these worlds have also had the right conditions. Extraterrestrial life is almost inevitable in an evolutionary worldview.


    However, The notion of alien life does not square well with Scripture. As previously discussed, The earth is unique. It is the earth that was designed for life (Isaiah 45:18), Not the heavens. The other planets have an entirely different purpose than does the earth, And thus they are designed differently. In Genesis 1, We read that God created plants on the earth on day 3, Birds to fly in the atmosphere and marine life to swim in the ocean on day 5, And animals to inhabit the land on day 6. Human beings are also made on day 6 and are given dominion over the animals, But where does the Bible discuss the creation of life on the “lights in the expanse of the heavens? ” There is no such description, Because the lights in the expanse were not designed to accommodate life. God gave care of the earth to man, But the heavens are the Lord’s (Psalms 115:16). From a biblical perspective, Extraterrestrial life does not seem reasonable.

    Problems are multiplied when we consider the possibility of intelligent alien life. Science fiction programming abounds with “races” of people who evolved on other worlds. We see examples of “Vulcans” and “Klingons”—pseudo-humans similar to us in most respects but different in others.

    As a plot device, These races allow the exploration of the human condition from the perspective of an outsider. Although very entertaining, Such alien races are theologically problematic. Intelligent alien beings cannot be redeemed! God’s plan of redemption is for human beings: those descended from Adam. Let us examine the conflict between the salvation message, And the notion of alien life.

  • Aliens are real

    Aliens are classified as life forms outside of earth and there have been different life forms that have been found on other planets. Also the universe is huge and there is bound to be loads of goldilocks planets in the universe where life can be supported. RELIGION IS NOT EVERYTHING PEOPLE!

  • Um sorry no

    Aliens are real, And there is evidence supporting me. When I say aliens, I mean life forms outside of Earth. People have found bacterium on different planets. Earth life started out as bacterium. And guys, Think about it. We are one planet in the whole universe. Think about its, Mulitiple solar systems, Galaxies. There is bound to be at least one planet like ours. I mean, Not everything is about religion.

  • Um yea no. . .

    "why is society becoming more satanic instead of more enlighten? "

    Yes because if someone doesn't believe in your god they automatically both believe in and worship your devil. . .

    Society is becoming more enlightened, More people are seeing religion for the dishonest carrot/stick emotionally manipulative hate filled spectacle it truly is and realizing that it has little to no accordance with observable reality, Your like the flat earthers who look at the elon musk car launch video and say the world is becoming stupider and stupider.

    If sufficient evidence arises that supports a conclusion strongly against your specific beliefs, Then it isn't you or your beliefs that is wrong, Its reality itself thats wrong, And/or your devil is tampering with things o_O

    But please do continue talking about "enlightenment"

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