• Yes sir yes!

    Yes let’s get America #lit. It would be so awesome to do crack in McDonald’s a bathroom and eat all the food. You know yolo you only live once my guys lets do it let’s do it let’s do it let’s do it let’s do it let’s do it let’s do it.

  • We lost the drug on war

    The drug on war took too long and it was for naught, We lost the war and illegal drugs are still all over the place but they should no longer be illegal. Now I'm not saying everyone should go out and shoot up some heroin every day but I am saying that if someone wants to go ruin their lives and shoot up some heroin then let them. Most of the drug related violence in this world is from violence brought on from the black market WHICH is only around because of the prohibition of drugs, People are so worried about drug related violence so how about we do something about it.

  • Ever heard of the Rat Park Experiment

    They did an experiment using rats, Where they would have a rat in a cage choose between to sources of water, One with heroine in it, And one without. When the rats had the choice between the heroine or just the water, They always chose the heroine. They chose the heroine to the point of addiction, And even death. Now what this showed at the time was that drugs are the problem. Drugs caused the rats to get addicted take to much and die. NOW, Later on an experiment was done, However instead of using a rat in a cage, They built a "Rat Park" for the rats that included awesome toys for the rat to play with, Good food, Other rats, And the choice between the regular water and the heroine water. This time when they rats got a taste of both the heroine water and the regular water they chose the regular water. They didn't overdose and kill themselves with the heroine. And what this showed was that the problem wasn't so much the drugs as it was the suffering that caused the drugs. This is why places where they actually give out heroine to people for free in controlled amounts, Actually yield amazing results with success rates through the roof! Instead of focusing on destroying drugs (cause it will never happen) we should focus on destroying the problems many people face like chronic pain, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Schizophrenia etc. This is the answer to the drug problem, And the fact that half the people in this country can't see that is pretty sad. Although it's better than it used to be. But please realize that making drugs illegal has failed in the past (alcohol prohibition) and is failing now (The war on drugs), And that places like the Philippines where death is a consequence of using or selling drugs, Still are drug problems, That should be enough evidence

  • ADDICTION Doesn't cause SUFFERING, Rather SUFFERING causes Addiction

    The main thing people seem not to understand is the fact that most people who get addicted to drugs are not normal healthy and happy people, But rather people suffering with chronic pain, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, And various problems. Instead of attacking the DRUGS why not focus on attacking the PROBLEMS that these people suffer with. Why is it much more accepted for someone with chronic pain to use painkillers than someone with depression. The reason is because it's easy to see the correlation for their drug use and their problem. With depression you can't exactly see it. Same with anxiety. However the pain is still their. So what happens when you take the drug away from someone with depression or anxiety. I'll tell you one thing their depression and anxiety will still be there it won't magically go away. You realize in the Philippines where people get killed for using/selling drugs they STILL have a huge drug problem. You realize when you make drugs illegal, Like many drugs in America are people STILL use them. When you make prescription opiate illegal in America you'll see a surge in illegal drug use like heroine. The fact is It's very hard to control drug use, And you will never be able to do so. However if you change your sights on the problems rather than the drugs then you will find a real solution exists. Look at the Rat Park Experiment if you don't believe what I'm saying. The War on drugs has failed long enough, For people to still hold this destructive position.

  • This is a horrible idea BUT

    The idea of making all drugs legal would do 3 major things the 1st is cause an extreme amount of intentional murders and accidental deaths since obtaining all these dangerous drugs would be so much easier.

    The 2nd is it will destroy the underground empires that live of crime the people running these organisations will either become a "Top Dog" in this new industry or get drowned out and have to resort to other crimes.
    The 3rd will be rapid progress in medical treatment with drugs since now everything is legal we will have more information from the emergency room and from tests and we may end up being able to make a super drug either to kill an entire city or bring people back to life.

    In the end i don't care i feel like it'd just be interesting to throw the world into chaos.

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  • By prescription only.

    Don't get me wrong, I am NOT for illegal drug use but as a way to get rid of drugs.
    Step one: Create a stockpile of drugs for reasons that will be made clearer. We can start by stockpiling the drugs we seize instead of just destroying them. The only drugs we destroy would be ones laced with other more deadly substances.
    Step two: Make sure doctors are trained in spotting drug use and are able to determine what level the person is addicted to.
    Step three: Create a price list for drugs based on at least half of what the street value is for the cheap stuff and hand it out to the qualified physicians or others.
    Step four: Create a secure supply chain from the stockpile to various places like pharmacies and send supplies.
    Step five: Advertise to the public that if you are addicted to a drug, You can legally obtain a prescription from a list of doctors in your area and the drugs will be provided for low or even no cost.
    What will this do? Of course the obvious answer is that people addicted to drugs will head to a local doctor then one of the locations to get heir prescription filled. Take the drug home or to a secure place and use them but it will also have other results. Because they are getting it for much cheaper by legal means, They will not be getting it from the corner drug dealer. Their sales would still be illegal. If the drug dealer can't sell his more expensive product, He is out of the drug business and obviously wouldn't pass out free samples to get kids hooked because he knows they will just get cheaper drugs elsewhere once they have to pay. This means, No new addicts.
    With exception to the ones that seek help with their addiction on their own, People who are addicted to a drug will always try to get their habit supplied by any means. This is why just making them illegal was not working. The few that actually quit are more than replaced with new addicts created by the drug pushers. When I say "by any means" I mean how many/most do other criminal activity to get the money for the drugs like robbery, Prostitution etc. If people don't have to commit a crime to get their drugs, That is yet another positive side effect.
    List of positive side effects:
    1) An end to new drug addicts.
    2) A drastic reduction/elimination of gangs and their related crimes.
    3) A drastic reduction/elimination of crimes done by people trying to pay for their habit.
    4) Safer drugs for people who are addicted.
    5) Drug addicts are going to a physician will also be supplied with information on ways to help quit their addiction that they would never get from the drug pusher.
    6) Lower taxes because of the other reasons.

  • The drug war was pointless and did more harm than good.

    More people turn to drug dealers because they don't have access to drugs. This is adding more danger to doing drugs in the first place. Drug dealers lore and use techniques to reel in people to get addicted. If drugs were legal there would be less drug dealers doing this, Because those drugs would be legal and they could get them legally instead. The war on drugs was also pointless, Because it filled more American prison system with addicts instead of trying to help and heal them. Although having drugs be legal doesn't sound good, There will be more room for actual criminals to go to prisons, Since they won't be filled with addicts. Drugs aren't healthy but it should be a choice. Even if the choice isn't a smart one, It shouldn't be illegal

  • Drugs are bad

    If you legalize all drugs, Then obviously more people have access to them. Drugs are addictive and can cause harm to a person's mental and physical health. This would cause the death rate and the crime rate to go up. Plus if you legalize it, Companies are going to sell it for profit. This gives people even more access to those harmful substances. Their would also be alot of lawsuits due to organizations and people selling something so harmful to the public. Remeber, Drugs have ruined lives.

  • No it shouldn't

    Drugs can cause violence and can lead to death. On the news, How many people have you seen who have died from taking drugs? Think if drugs are legalised how many people will die. It would devastate families and make a lot more work for the police. The church would be so busy and they have to do other stuff than gust funerals.

  • This is just a popular opinion, People supporting these are hippies or those who just want to jump on the bandwagon.

    While I support legalizing marijuana I don't support legalizing meth, Cocaine and all that! These drugs can be very addictive and ruin lives. These days, Even though many get addicted, Many still don't since they never try it because it's illegal but, When it is legal, People would keep on using them fully legally and get addicted to them. Smoking and alcoholism are already vast problems but these addictions are nothing compared to drug addictions. These drug addictions also promote activities like rash behavior and crime since they do not allow a person to think straight.

  • While not all drugs are physically/psychologically harmful, Placing them in human hands is not always a good idea.

    Marijuana, For example, Does not create any physical withdrawal if not taken consistently over a period of time, And if the individual consuming it is well within the confines of a safe zone or their own home, It is quite safe in comparison to other street drugs.
    However, The same cannot be said for other "recreational" drugs such as cocaine or heroin, Which do serious physical and often psychological damage to those who participate in voluntary consumption. Knock-offs, Such as krokodil, Would also be permitted under this law, Which is a flesh-destroying drug that can ultimately lead to death, Cocaine can eventually cause seizures and like meth or heroine, Can cause extreme withdrawal symptoms, Use of meth can result in the loss of teeth and nerve and tissue damage overall, And ultimately do more harm than good. If synthetic recreational drugs that lacked these factors of withdrawal and bodily damage were created that expressed the same effects, I would agree that those drugs would be legalized.

  • Drugs should not be legalised.

    Drugs should not be legalised because look where the world is at right now? And we're not even unleashing all of the drugs there are in the world. We all know that drugs have medical purposes but, There would be more people running around the streets doing who knows what? More hit and runs, More murder and more crimes occurring. Don't you think the entire justice industry will be corrupt? Almost everybody doing drugs, Government systems will go corrupt and the country's organisation would just fall apart. I think we are better suited the way we are, Without drugs, Like the present world.

  • Why is this even a question?

    Do you know how many drugs that are out there would do irreversible horrific damage to your body, Even just doing a tiny bit one time? Stuff like weed is a whole different conversation but here's wy I think why this is stupid.

    We've seen from the opiod epidemic that making a drug like that easily accessible is a recipe for disaster. So many people have needed years to shake off opioid addictions that started because they were legally prescribed to them, And it took the government twenty years to take serious legal action to address it. The US government spectacularly failed at dealing with the opioid epidemic. And legal painkillers now kill more Americans than any illegal drug.

    Not all drugs should be illegal, But some are simply too dangeous for everyone to be ale to access easily and it can be very hard to regulate drugs. What we should focus on is preventing mass incarceration of people of color and treating people with addictions whether or not they're in a prison.

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