All female athletes should have the same pay and condition as male athletes.

  • 'There is no limit to what we, As women, Can accomplish. '

    We have absolutely no choice in what gender we are assigned to at birth, So we're going to treat 50% of our population unfairly just because of their gender? I find it extremely unfair that Emmeline Pankhurst and her Suffragettes fought so hard for gender equality over 100 years ago, Yet women are still having to try to get to get their voices heard.

    Back in 1973, A tennis player named Billie Jean King was playing tennis when she thought that it was unfair that men won more money than women. A male tennis player, Bobby Riggs, Didn't find it unfair (maybe this was because he didn't have to worry about getting a smaller amount of money). So Billie Jean and Bobby played each other in the 'Battle f the Sexes'. And guess what? Billie Jean won, And now tennis gives an equal amount of money, One of the few sports that does.

    Michelle Obama once said 'There is no limit to what we, As women, Can accomplish. '

  • All Genders should be treated equally.

    Men and women are both Gods creation and are both human. So women should be treated as everyone else. For Example, Even though some men Thanks they are stronger physically, Mentally and emotianally, There are some women that are stronger than some men physically, Mentally and emotianally to be fair.

  • If they do the same works and just as good

    I believe men and women should make the same amount for the same job and same work, If a male athlete does a better job than a female athlete that athlete deserves to get paid more, If a female athlete does better than a male athlete that athlete deserves to get paid more. The same should go for all occupations.

  • How Hard Are You Willing To Work?

    This may surprise some of you, Considering the fact that I voted for The Donald, But I DO believe in equal rights. That being said, There are NUMEROUS scientific studies that show that men are more physically capable than women. However, That shouldn't be used as an excuse to underpay hardworking people and that INCLUDES women. You don't have to produce the same results that a man does to get my respect. I only ask that you put in the HARD WORK needed to produce whatever results that you produce.

  • I would like to keep watching women's beach volleyball.

    The inclusion of female athletes serves a far greater function that being able to generate greater commercial value- as it is oft the reason for paying male athletes more-, By maintaining peaceable social order by way of demonstrating to the wider public, Now educated in the variations of discrimination, A perceivable effort effected on the part of sporting event organizers to give opportunities to both female and male athletes in competitions, Thus quelling any inclination to decry sporting event organizers as having sexist practices, Thereby risk alienating a potential market composed of the other half of Earth's inhabitants.

    So basically, The incentive to increase female athletes' pay to equal that of their male counterparts would be to maintain social order among interest groups that champion equality in material aspects of life between male and female, And to enhance the profitability of the female consumer base that is dependent on the development of the quality of sporting events dominated by female athletes to "inspire" to spend to acquire a status that is conforming to the multifaceted prevailing concept of femininity.

    At the end of the day, Female athletes should be paid equal to male athletes because commercial value is largely based on sexual identity resonance, And social order value is based on intentions to discrimination as measured by demonstrated actions by accountable parties, I. E. , Sporting goods and events companies.

  • Isn't woman a human?

    Man and woman are the two forms of Human with equal and similar composition. Equal ability. Equal power to think, Act and logic. Then why shall women be paid less? A woman and a man can compete each other in athletics. Always there will be a winner and loser and whatever is the result, The ability should not be questioned. In the sports world, Every sports person resembles a symbol of inspiration that encourages the world to act and move towards a better fitness. Every women and men are equal in sports and all other activities in this universe. There is no gender of ACTION.

  • It's Women's Rights

    Women athletes should not get paid less than men athletes. Who says that female athletes are not working as hard as their male counterparts? Paying them less goes against human rights and it's just wrong. We live in America so that we are not discriminated because of age, Sex, And race. Paying women less is doing just that because they are female and not male.

  • Women still don't have equality

    The USA women’s soccer team—now three-time winners of the Women’s World Cup—made headlines this time around not just for their brilliant performance, But also for what their victory brought to light: the gender pay gap.

    The team was awarded $2 million for their first place finish. While this amount is significant, It pales in comparison to what the USA men’s team received last year after losing in round sixteen: $9 million. Women and men are God's most important creations, So why can't they get paid equally for playing sports? Women used to not even get jobs. Women used to pale in comparison to men. People like Amelia Earhart and Susan B Anthony have changed that. And yet there is still a pay gap.

  • Women should have equality

    Women should get paid equal to a man's salary because, First of all, What makes women so different? What is the reason for the gender pay gap? If women are thought to be different, Then what makes men so special? Why are men taken to be so like, Royal subjects? By the way, I am a girl.

  • Women put in just as much hard work as men

    I have seen in the 'no' side that people have said that women do not put in as much hard work. This is just clarifying all women athletes as something that is totally inaccurate. Women and men have bodies that are built in different ways. For example, If a man had abs, They would have to work hard, But not as hard as how much effort women have to put into getting abs. Just because a woman does not have abs, It does not mean that they are less skilled or have put in less effort than a man who have abs.

    Women sports should be more advertised, So that more people can show interest, Making both gender sports popular.

    Women and men are both equal, And there are many talented female and male athletes in the industry. Our society has come far with equality such as skin tones, Race and religion so far, But it still needs a lot of improvement. THIS is exactly what could help with gender equality. If female and male athletes are paid the same, It will be a big improvement in terms of gender equality.

  • Athletes pay should be performance based

    If you would like women athletes to be paid equally to men, Then they need to be competing with those men. Lionel Messi (soccer player) is paid crazy amounts of money because he generates crazy revenue for the team owners.

    Athletes are not paid based on how hard they work. They are paid by performance and revenue generated.

    I completely agree that if a female sports team/athlete is generating equivalent revenue and not be paid accordingly, That is 100% wrong.

  • Women shouldnt be babied

    The pay should be based on how the person performs not on if they are a woman or not, Getting payed the same as a hard working very talented athlete just because they are a woman is BS. Men and women are clearly not the same, Saying they are equal. /the same is just not correct, They should both be treated as people not one side is hated and one is babied

  • Its very simple

    Mens sports are more popular, This generates far more revenue, Therefore the men can be paid alot more.

    The female soccer players asking for the same pay as the men players makes no sense and is ridiculous for them to expect this. There simply isn't any where near as much money in womens football as the mens.
    (As a matter of fact the US womens soccer are paid a better percentage, And have more benefits)

    Men and women are paid FAIRLY, But that doesnt mean they are paid the same.

    Mens sports are played at a much higher level as male athletes/professionals are stronger and faster. For example there are thousands of men who can beat the womens 100m record, And thousands of men who are stronger than the worlds strongest woman.

    Serena Williams admitted she wouldn't stand a chance against any of the men and would rank very low if she tried to compete with them.

    Stronger/faster = more drama, Intensity, Skill etc.

  • Women have to work harder so yes! Of course!

    A woman body is structurally more feeble than a mans body but wouldn't that mean that she has to work even harder than that man to become the greatest athlete she can be? Take Nataliya T for example, She puts a lot of men to shame with her bodybuilding skills she is one of the strongest people in the world and she is indeed a woman. A male athlete could work 10 hours of training while a woman would have to work 20 or 30 hours to join, Mostly because if there was a man who had the exact same body and muscle as her the man would most likely be picked. So women would have to go above and beyond to show that they are just as capable as the men around them.

  • No not at all

    Maybe if women were good at sports they could get payed equally, But till I see a female block LeBron muthafuccin james then I vote no, I really do think that female athletes should not get the same pay because they are always ruining/ winning about something and its annoying

  • Women and men are equal, But this not about genders, This about how hard you work.

    Not everyone was born with a great skills, Especially on sports. Kobe Bryant as a Famous NBA baseball player, He put 10 hours to trainning before he join Los Angeles leakers. On the other hand, Women’s body is not as good as man. Usually male athletes is paid better than man because male athletes have a better body than female.

  • Performance for Athletes

    I think Athletes are not paid on how hard they work. They are paid by performance and revenue generated. The male Athletes have more attractive to viewers and TV broadcasts than female Athletes, That is why I disagree All female athletes should have the same pay and condition as male athletes.

  • Everyone should be payed based on their skills.

    You can't pay everyone millions of dollars like Messi or Steven Curry. They should be payed based on their skill level. Wage gap doesn't exist because it is illegal to pay more on a specific gender. Women chooses to do easy jobs will get payed less, Simple logic. . How about we don't make scholarships exclusively for women or a policy that hires women for diversity instead of hiring the right person based on skill. This debate is created because the owner just love attention on the controversial topics.

  • It is stealing from the men.

    There are more male athletes, And for the female athletes to have the same funding as the male athletes when there are less of them, Is stealing money from the male sports program. Title IX is still in affect so this debate will have no different outcome than what is already happening, Unless this makes it to congress.

  • We are all equal but there's more to it

    They should get paid by how much of an impact they make. How much money and attention they draw in. No athletes are paid exactly the same and for good reason. Some are more popular, Successful, Etc than others. I put "no" but this is only generally speaking. If they are worth the same or more than my answer is "yes" but usually that isn't the case.

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picklerickfaggotboi says2018-08-27T17:37:02.020
Pay should be based STRICTLY on performance, Nothing else, The better you play the more you get paid

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