• All gender changing rooms

    It teaches equality. If you go to public pool most of the time there are girls/boys in the same changing room as you. If girl/boy start going to the same changing room at a younger age then eventually
    They will get used to going to the same room to change then it won't seem so weird it will be natural.

  • That is disgusting

    I think that their should be different changing rooms, Because what if they make fun of woman for wearing bras? Or odd underwear? I think that they should be different places for different people. I had to change in front of my baby sister, And she laughed. I think their should be different. I rest my case

  • All gender-changing rooms

    This is not right. It may teach equality, But it does so in an inappropriate manner. You run the risk of sexual assault or harassment and a severe invasion of privacy. It would be uncomfortable and a risk to safety, Because your body is out in the open with the opposite gender.

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