All humans should diverge into blonde hair and blue eyes

Asked by: cuteponylove
  • You all like it

    Don't lie you all like blonde hair and blue eyes. It's the number one physical trait for all people. Everyone wants them. So why not diverge into it? This common interest for blonde hair and blue eyes shows that it is the superior genetic traits. Nobody can get enough of it and nobody can deny it.

  • The opposite side is supporting Nazism!

    Beware, if you vote yes you are basically supporting Nazism. Blue eyes and blonde hair is Hitler's Aryan "master race." He wanted to make these traits the only ones by mass genociding everyone else. If you post a yes comment it would show to the world that you are a skinhead who supports one of the most hated men in history. You will offend not only Jews but Eastern Europeans. You have been warned.

  • That's a little weird

    Why would we want everyone to be the same? One of the best things about the world is that everyone is a little different and unique as everyone likes different and unique things.

    The other problem with blond hair and blue eyes is that it also tends to go with lighter skin and lighter skinned people are more vulnerable to the effects of the sun. Of we actually want to be a more,progressed race we would go for everyone having dark skin.

  • Hair and eye color

    Cuteponylove, you right, to an extent. Some people do like blonde hair and blue eyes, however, I prefer green eyes and red hair. Not everyone wants to be blonde haired and blue eyed. PreferNotToBeLabeled is right, that was Hitler's "master race." And I have no interest in that. Have some diversity in the hair and eye color

  • Fair hair and eyes pose no known benefit to mankind as a whole.

    The answer is simple. There is no biological benefit to blond hair and blue eyes. There is no psychological/sociological benefit to those traits either, as not all fertile adults, whose base instinct is to procreate with mates of favorable qualities and who therefore make up the only portion of society to whom this could truly matter, prefer fair mates. Some indisputably prefer or find more attractive the opposite traits of dark eyes and dark hair. One might argue that Hitler and his followers are evidence to the contrary, that there existence proves that these traits matter in a way other than as attributes to attract a mate with whom to procreate. To that I can only submit the overwhelmingly long history of dark eyed, dark haired people who have made significant achievements to benefit mankind. For example, Mahatma Gandhi, dark of eye and hair, if he had any, Marie Curie, dark of hair, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, dark of everything, and for you Christian types the Christ child himself, who was certainly dark of eye and hair if you look at the location of his birth and his ancestry.
    Therefore, if the title argument is "SHOULD" there only be blond and blue eyed humans, I submit that since there is no biological benefit (procreation) and no sociological or societal benefit (betterment of the lives of all humanity) then the color of one's eyes or hair does not matter at all.

  • Diversity is beautiful!

    As humans we love diversity. Many different types of food, music, clothing, games, sports, beverages, literature, houses, jobs...And the list goes on and on. To say that we should all conform to the same narrow look is ludicrous. That's like saying we should all speak Japanese, drink only coffee and eat only pizza, and all live in mansions. Really? That doesn't work for me. People are beautiful because they are unique; celebrated for their specific characteristics and traits. Not only are you insulting every human being that does not have blonde hair and blue eyes, you are frighteningly close to the ideologies of Hitler and the Holocaust.

  • Although blue eyes and blonde hair is beautiful, so is brown eyes and dark hair.

    If everyone had blue eyes and blonde hair, it won't be as beautiful as it was. The beauty loses it value because everyone has it, one of the things that makes blue eyes and blonde hair so beautiful is how rare it is to see someone with those traits. You may find those traits the best and most beautiful, but not everyone will agree. Some believes that brown eyes and dark hair is way more beautiful. Also, why should the definition of beautiful be blonde hair and blue eyes? Everyone is beautiful in their own way, it's not just a certain trait. What about those who wants to be different?

  • Its wishful thinking.

    The genes for blue eyes are recessive, so its complete wishful thinking that this would ever happen. Blonde hair maybe but blue eyes forget it. So hard luck the statement fails just because of logic and reason, even if we should it would not be possible as it would have to result in some serious inbreeding and we know that does not work out well.

  • Can't tell if troll... Or just stupid.

    There are many many different things that many many people find attractive. Foot fetishism is the most popular fetish. Does that mean everyone has a foot fetish? Obviously not. Go back to your mother, you should be playing around on the internet, polluting it with such ridiculous nonsense. Besides, have you ever heard of a thing called genetic diversity? People being different is good for the species as a whole.

  • That doesn't make any sense.

    First of all, not 'everyone' 'likes' or 'desires' this trait, and it strictly speaking has no genuine evolutionary, biological or even social advantage over any other cosmetic traits, so implying that it is objectively a 'superior' trait is simple stupidity.
    Secondly, as an extension of the above, not 'everyone' is going to want those traits even if they were offered using bleeding-edge, provably harmless technology for absolutely no charge. Thus, whether or not we 'should' not everyone is going to choose to have those traits. Forcing them to take on those traits against their will is both genetic coercion and very unethical.
    And finally, even discounting the above, there is a possibility, however small, that the 'blonde hair blue eyes' genes are related to other genes that are responsible for less-than-healthy 'things', and that removing the possibility for other cosmetic genes and forcing all humans to adopt this model is shooting ourselves in the foot without realizing it.

    If we aren't talking about genes here, but simply dying hair and wearing contact lenses, then this is really, *really* stupid.

  • No that is the worst idea.

    I'm sorry but that was Adolf Hitler's idea of a perfect army for the Nazi war in WWII. Plus the world is the way it is today because nobody is the same, if everybody was the same there would be serious identity problems. If we were to do this we would simply be following in Hitler's foot steps to create a superior Aryan race.


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abyteofbrain says2014-04-30T01:34:25.620
I can't even imagine an Arab with blond hair.
Tyler5362 says2014-04-30T02:01:23.843
Hitler reincarnate everybody!!!
cuteponylove says2014-04-30T03:05:22.150
U would love an arab with blonde hair