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  • All is not fair in war and sports

    As three are some rules in war and sports too so there is not fair in war and sports we should follow the rules of war and sports we if anyone says no to my comment they are wrong, as there are rules for it thank you so much 0

  • All is not fair in sports and war

    No, all is not fair in sports and war there are rules in both of them. In war we should follow the rule so that innocent people don't get killed. In sports also we should follow the rule if someone do cheating and wins he will always feel he did cheating instead he should work hard.

  • Sports are not war times

    No, I do not believe all is fair in war and sports. In the real world their are rules that must be followed in war as well as sports. There are rules of engagement in war to ensure that innocent people are not injured or killed and the same can be said for sports. Sports are just games should be treated as such and there is no need for people to be hurt while doing something that should be fun and entertaining.

  • No, War and sports are not always fair.

    In times of war and sports, things are not always going to be fair. In war for instance, if you can get an advantage over your enemy then this is considered a very good thing. If everything was fair, then the war would be pointless. The object is to win the war.

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