All men are rapist and deserved to be gangraped by both men and woman (especially white people)

  • Yes rape those stupid privileged rednecks!

    How come in both African and Arabic countries there’s rape camps? Oh that’s because of white privileged. Why is it mainly females getting raped? Male privileged having control over the woman! It’s time for whites to get their fair share on the shit end of the stick and men. Both men and white people are too privileged that deserve to be put in a rape camp like blacks do so they can experience their pain. Same with slavery too and police brutality

  • Hell no, What is wrong with you? !

    All it takes is common sense to see what is wrong with this. Not all men are rapists. Not all cops are racist and target black people. In fact, People like you make me want to shoot myself in the head. I'm not sure if this is a troll but look around, Nobody is laughing.

  • What a troll

    This just such a troll what kind of person wants that to happen to anybody? If you truly believe this, Get some help in the real world and stop posting. Seriously stop. If you are just trolling then stop wasting you your idiot and do something useful with your stupid life

  • This is not true

    Your statement iss absolutely false. Sking color has nothing to do with the personality.

    If you think that people are bad based on skin color, Then you are already irrational bigot who doest't understand anything.

    This "opinion" can't be serious and i think it's just a joke.

    I won't take it seriously.

  • No wtf no!

    Okay you’re just another troll. I seriously doubt you’re that much of a lunatic to think that it’s white peoples fault that rape camps exist in Africa or the Middle East. I also doubt you think it’s all men’s fault that mainly women get raped. You’re going off huge strawman arguments and want someone to debunk these insane claims. Slavery ended years ago and yeah it sucks but get over it there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s history, It’s sad history but wtf do you want to do about it? Just like japan hit us in ww2 and we f***ing nuked them twice and they had a huge disease crisis afterwards. . . Maybe we went overboard but what do you want to do about it now?

    You are a troll and I’ll bet you’re the one who posted the question “rape being a gift in society”

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