• Yes they are

    Every race out there has a history of racism against black people and black people cannot be racist at all it’s just NOT POSSIBLE AT ALL. No just because you have a black friend doesn’t mean you aren’t guilty of racism ok? So what if you have a black friend you’re still a racist if you’re not black. If you’re white, Asian, Mexican, Latino, European, Russian you’re 100% racist

  • White people are the root of all evil

    White people make me sick. They are all racist and evil colonizers. They also invented many sick and evil inventions, Such as the toaster. It makes breakfast better. But at what cost? White people also need sunscreen lol what losers. Anyways this is just my opinion and i'm free and open to all criticism. Unless you are white of course.

  • Yes, It is racist not to be Black

    Every non-Black race is collectively guilty of racism. Always have been, Always will be. There is no exception to the rule. If you're not Black, Then you are racist. Collective crimes on the magnitude of those committed against the Black race demand collective punishment. And don't think Asians and Hispanics are getting off the hook for pandering to wypipo's racism; as far as I am concerned, They are white!

  • Tottaly agree with

    Actually you can say "no, I am not racists" but every white peaples have said something terrible for a black pernos, I( white) have actually said this for my friend one day and this is bullshit, Every white person have comit racism one day in his life, Doesn't matter who

  • Everyone does have the history of being racist. Doesn't matter what race.

    Saying that someone is immediately racist bc of their skin color IS RACIST. I hate today's society bc its finding everything that is wrong with everybody else. Like wtf. Say what you want to me ig its legit just my opinion. WE NEED CANCEL CULTURE GONE. And yeah I'm white

  • I'm white, So I can't really speak on this, But this is my opinion

    Doing racist things and being racist are two different things. Anyone who isn't Black has implicit biases and has done racist things, But we're not all racists.

    I n e e d m o r e w o r d s s o y o u can ignore this part

  • No, They are not

    I`m not a racist and I`m white, I don't discriminate against any race. To say i`m a racist for just having a different skin tone or come from another place is racist in itself. I don't treat blacks with less respect and sometimes i even give them more respect because i know what they go through. So, No, Just for being White does not make you a rasist.

  • You can't blame the current generation for the past, Nor is the presumption that all people that are not black are racist.

    Black people can be racist, And I will explain why. Within communities that are black dominated, White minorities will be subject to certain types of abuse. Of course blacks can be racist, Racism doesn't just include racisms towards black's, But other races like Asians. IN FACT racist terms such as "paki" exist and are offensive, Directed towards brown Pakistanis. Its also unfair to presume that all non-blacks are racist, Putting all other ethnic groups in such a category, As within western culture there are laws in place to prevent prejudice against racism, Since the 1960s. Racial prejudice also exists within black communities towards themselves. Just because someone is black doesn't mean they aren't racist, As they could just as easily insult someone over there race, And this is clear within many communities that are black dominated. The presumption that racism is purely against just blacks is also wrong. Russia during the 1800s but forwards many racist pogroms against the jews, Nevermind the holocaust.

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Dhplaz says2021-03-07T13:05:18.463
Both white people and black people are racist against each other. But saying that ALL white or ALL black people are racist is idiotic. Race hardly even defines thinking process and personality and thinking process can be a cause for racism. All people are different including inside all races and you can therefore not say that ALL white people are racist and instead say that some or many are because race barely defines the thinking process.
Lasonrisa says2021-03-09T01:10:25.693
I'm not a racist and i'm white, I do not discriminate anybody. I believe all human been are the same and have the same rights. All of us work, Pray, Love, Have a family, Children and all deserve the same, Not just for the color of your skin. So believe and your self and fight for the equality and do not discriminate anybody.
WhiteNationalFascist says2021-03-09T13:39:56.197
All niggers are violent low IQ subhuman savages.

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