All parents should participate in a mandatory parenting class.

Asked by: MissLuLu
  • Yes, they should.

    All parents, both the father and the mother (whether biological or adopting) should take a parenting class. This could lower infant mortality rates, lead to healthier lifestyles, to better communication, and less neglect and abuse cases.

    A parenting class would show expecting parents what to be prepared for in order to provide for their child. It could bring to light factors they might not have thought of, and help them to make the best decision regarding the upbringing of the child.

  • Certainly not mandatory.

    In many cases, parenting classes can actually result in a worse form of parenting. With the implementation of a mandatory class for all parents there rises the issue of a lack in deviation in many areas. A lot of a child's personality stems from how they are parented, and the other major factor is the observation of children of a similar or slightly older age. A mandatory parenting class would result in very similar parenting methods in all family households, meaning a severely reduced (yet still present) variation in personalities. You also run the risk of misinformation or incorrect teachings. The number of times I've heard a 'nurse' or 'child specialist' recommend something that they ought not to is staggering. In many instances the advice given would lead to harm or death of a child because of people assuming they have the knowledge because they took a course, but in fact they have no experience in matters.

    I would say, we could implement a parenting class, but it would have to be optional. Alongside this, EVERY SINGLE ONE (not most) must be taught by somebody who has raised children, and under varying circumstances so that parents could take a class from somebody who brought a child or children up in similar conditions.

    These teachers cannot simply have had some lessons, they must have experience or the infant mortality rate certainly won't decrease.

    Also, another suggestion would be:

    As opposed to an actual class, have sort of an advice or help group, where queries can be answered.

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