• Stupid fake (democrat voting)liberals need to read history books, And get smart. And real quick.

    Do you want the police to come into your home and beat you, Or kill you, Or steal your stuff, Like your property for example? At least if you own some guns you'll have a fighting chance to take out a few of them before they take you out. - JFM

  • The government should protect our constitutional right, Not take it away.

    The entire government runs around the Constitution, And there is no government without the Constitution. If they are able to pick and choose which amendments to reenforce and which ones they do not like, Then what is the point of having the Constitution. I know that people nowadays are not that careful with guns and may use it for violence, But we have a law of the land and should follow it.

  • And they already do!

    Great equalizer. . . Beating a dead horse here. The more important question to ask is does anyone have the right to take them away? No. Taking them away without conflict isn't very sporting. Some might call it inhumane even, To take away someone's fighting chance. Would anyone be in the right to do that? No. They would be culpable in that persons demise. Maybe that's their plan? Then they should have to pay the blood tax that was paid for people to own them in the first place. It all comes around in the end. It will get paid. You won't be able to cheat people out of them all of the time. In the words of Ian Malcom "Life find's a way" … and people will always find a way to make a weapon out of something so that you can't oppress them. Its nature.

  • Even if we don't have guns, Others do

    If we do not have guns, Then we do not have power to make our intentions known. Words are only as good as your ability to back them up, And how will we fare against a larger entity with more powerful weapons? Like it or not, There will always be guns, Because they are a very good way to assert power. If we do not have guns, The government could take all our rights away, And we couldn't do anything about it. I'm not saying it will happen, But it has before, And is a very real possibility. Although gun violence is very real, If guns are banned altogether, The violence will still be there, Except in the form of a large government entity we are powerless against.

  • Self defense or Common sense.

    If you were at a grocery store and a person pulls out a gun and points it towards one's head, That person is already dead. Due to you not being able to have a gun and equal out the odds. Now if everyone were to have a gun, One wouldn't pull theirs out on another knowing they and others also own one. It evens out the power you and that other person have. You can't bring a knife to a gun fight.

  • Yes. Everyone should have a right to own a gun.

    Everyone should have a right to own a gun because guns are not harmful in it of themselves. They do not kill unless someone (a person) pulls the trigger. Guns can help people defend themselves from those who seek to harm others and use force against them. More so then the police can, Police are still important but only respond in the aftermath of a crime after it already happened. A Gun in the hand of an individual practicing self-defense would be able to to defend themselves against those who seek to harm them. Guns can also prevent government tyranny from occurring. And protect those people who do not have much of a say in government.

  • We need to protect our constitutional rights.

    The 2nd Amendments gives people the right to bear arms. That still applies to our life today, Though many may argue otherwise. *Most* people who wish to purchase a firearm will not use it to harm others. Most people want guns for personal reasons/leisure activities. Besides, If we deny people the right to bear arms, Then people will go out of their way to purchase them illegally, And that will only cause more trouble. Even people on the 'no-fly' and other criminals could get their hands on a firearm easily through the Black Market. People cherish their rights, And do not like having them taken away, No matter what it is for.

  • Only Europeans should own guns

    The founding fathers clearly only considered Europeans to be able to be citizens of America and therefore the 2nd amendment only applies to Europeans and not other human subspecies. Tho the more niggers kill each other with guns the better the world will become so maybe we should give them free guns and crack and yeah idk on that last point.
    But les just use our guns to kill niggers! Cheers Hail Columbus.
    Hail Darwin, Hail our PROUD EUROPEAN RACE!

  • Not all, Because

    I think people with a history of violence and/or crime should not be allowed to, And of course age restrictions, But the people in general, Yes. However, If someone has committed violent crime they should not be allowed to for the safety of everyone else. The second amendment is about the people in general, Not everyone.

  • If we own knifes some people should own guns

    I mean, Go check your kitchen you most likely have a counter top full of knifes, They are still dangerous and almost everyone owns them i'm not saying we should open gun shops like how we open mcdonalds, It should be like owning a car (don't own a car and this might be complete bullshit but just listen) you gotta take a test thingy that should be the same with guns and stuff, And have a age limit thing aswell!

  • I don't even trust people to own cars

    We have highway patrol cars that go and stop people who are driving drunk speeding and just plain driving reckless. Their car gets towed away and they enter in the system. You have to be registered and you have to pass a basic test to prove you are competent

    Except for guns any yahoo or dope can have them. They could be the Yosemite Sam of the back woods shooting and misusing their guns. Guns are so prolific that anyone can even buy a gun off the books. How many terrorist and criminals have one. And you say that the only answer to gunz is mor gunz.

    This will be the future.
    There could be a shootout in the elementary school because Timmy was in a gun duel with Jason over the last pizza slice. We are devolving into the wild west and a lawless land where only the person with the most guns wins. Just shoot first and live like every person is out to mug you.

  • I am not in this favour

    Humans are being like wild animals today, Rushing for power and money. But if all people would have gone, All peoples' lives will be doomed. If they have it, They will be no less than a gangster or a murderer. Assaulting anyone they want. This will make this world a lying graveyard and at critical cases, All organisms of this peaceful earth will go extinct. I would prefer this only in rare cases like for special cases, Like for self defence, Etc. If you want all people should have guns, I am against you.

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