• Only two genders

    There are only two genders. Anyone claiming to be a gender other than male or female should not only be excluded from the school, but castrated, tortured, and burned for their idiocy and ignorance. There are only two genders. Genitals equal gender. Women shouldn't even be allowed to go to school. It should just be men. Women are only good for cooking and cleaning.

  • Sex is something that should not divorce us.

    As sex becoming a more fluent thing, parents and society accept their children s they are, the last same-sex schools are becoming a thing of the past. Childhood is a beautiful time, where you learn about yourself and the path that they choose for them self, however, it can be a crucial time, where abuse and trauma come the hardest. Sex is something that should not divorce us. Don't live in the past. Say no to "same sex school".

  • Same sex schools is a bad idea

    There would be a time where these opposite sexes will not know how to interact with each other and there is also a bigger chance of becoming a homosexual.Childrn that go to a sex school may also become stereotypical, they may think that one sex is superior to the other.

  • Gender is a human creation

    Any gender is capable of learning at the same rate. Segregating boys and girls will give them the idea that they should not be friends with children of the opposite sex. Traditionally, gender segregated schools taught students different things depending on what they thought each gender should become. Now that that is a not issue, schools should no longer be segregated by gender.

  • Because of the this

    Well you see when a mom jew likes a dad jew they burn each others fingers off and then they make out to the sound of black jewish people dying at the holocaust and while thats happening hilter is shoving a razor bladed pineapple up his asshole with help from a giant midget fag named donald trump

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