All scientific discoveries should be shared among scientists all around the world; governments and businesses should not keep any discoveries secret.

All scientific discoveries should be shared among scientists all around the world; governments and businesses should not keep any discoveries secret.
  • Key word: Among scientists

    I was initially on the no side, Attempting to suggest that scientific knowledge, When it becomes public may be misconstrued by the media and may add pressure to explain this development when science may not be ready to explain it and the public may not be ready to understand. However, After having re-read the question, I noted it says that the information would be shared among other scientists, And I note, Not among the general public. Therefore, Yes new knowledge should definitely be shared among scientists around the world so they can run their own experiments and carry out pee review to ensure the validity of any new scientific developments that may benefit mankind. Keeping a new discovery secret is not even realistic, For any good to be done with it, It must be acknowledged by other experts or else poses risks.

  • Because I SAID so!

    These niggas finding shit we better get to see it to advance tech and make the earth a better place overall. We could have flying cars right now but I guess not because the government is a little bitch jk don't kick down my door my mom will get mad.

  • The discoveries should be shared

    Firstly, The considerable data from all around the world enables people to prepare for the future. In present days, The world faces future problems, Such as global warming and spreading infection. The huge problems that the government or individual businesses cannot solve alone can be solved as all of the new discoveries are shared. Such problems happen all around the world. As the problems are not solved the world might collapse in the future. With the wide data from all around the world, The world should start collect data from the scientific research and discover the solutions. The world should gather the power and data to keep the world wide’s peace and future. As the world’s trouble is not prepared without the cooperation from the all around the world, The world might ravage. The world should start preparing for the future with vast data from all around the world.
    In addition to preparing future to prevent hazards, The world gains huge benefit from the discoveries. The bright discoveries from the scientists and the government might benefit the world. If an individual holds the discoveries alone and does not share with the world to gain financial benefit, The only few people will benefit from the primary discoveries. This benefit for a particular range of people occurs as an individual sell the discovery at a high price to gain profit even if the discovery can benefit the world in a huge range. With high prices, Some poor country cannot buy the technology from the discoveries. If the technology can save the people’s lives, The people in the poor country will die out. The discoveries might save considerable people all around the world as its shares. For example, An individual scientist discovered a way to read the path of the earthquakes. The scientist sells the way to read the earthquake to the individual country. Some poor countries cannot buy the technique, So many people might die out from the earthquake as the countries cannot read the path of the earthquake.
    In brief, Sharing data of discoveries all over the world will benefit the world. The world might start to prepare for future hazards with huge data from all around the world. The individual country cannot solve some problems alone, So the problem might be solved with the wide and deep data from worldwide. Also, The discoveries to benefit the world can be used to benefit the world. If the discoveries are sold to the people, Some monopolize the discoveries and not shared. The shared data will benefit the world. Even if the discoveries are large, The effect is small as it is monopolizing to particular people with money.

  • Nukes and Nuclear Weapons

    Nuclear bombs are very powerful. What would have happened if Russia didn't have nuclear weapons? We wouldn't have had the cold war. Tada
    :D Everyone should hide the nuke bombs from the world so that we don't have a WW3 and blow everyone up.

  • Rather No I think

    Of course, This is a controversial question. But, To my mind, If scientific researches will stop being profitable (meaning those who pay money for them won't benefit from the advantage of owning them uniquely), The simply won't be conducted. In other words, What is the point in investing billion of dollars in a new car engine (for example) if one knows he/she has to share the findings with the public?

  • We would all be dead

    Does everyone need to know how to make VX nerve gas and other WMDs? People come up with dangerous ideas and giving everyone access to the knowledge on how to make practically anything would entail danger plus well the discoverer needs that proverbial fat cash. People are dangerous enough as is.

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