All throughout history men have been faced with a choice of doing nothing and dying or necessary evils. Life is wrong given its nature.

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  • It is unfair in every way and fairness is what determines what is right and what is wrong.

    We all want to live our lives to the fullest and try to be happy suffering as little as possible so we need rules that help us do just that. Or you could make rules to prevent pain suffering and misery which is often opposed to promoting happiness and is at the top of my priority list. In life people generally dont know right from wrong and many suffer because of it. Owning animals is just as bad as slavery as animals feel think and do everything that makes it wrong to hurt a humans or treat them unfairly in any way. Feeling is all thats required to make it wrong to hurt you and animals feel same as us yet we skin fish alive and do other horrible things that arent even considered abuse. Buying and selling them as property people can do whatever they want with behind closed doors. If slave owners thought they were in the right then there is a pretty good chance that if you were wrong about this you wouldnt know it. All throughout history people thought they had a perfect morality from god that turned out to cause conflict controversy and everything a morality and gods word should aim to prevent. Thats how i know its not from god. Its designed to keep you irrational about morality god and aspects of philosophy and feeling instead of thinking hoping its your soul and not your emotions but our emotions oppose one another and they are instant where questioning takes time and most people are too busy trying to survive to think about god and morality. So like children they trust what they are told instead of coming into their own and thinking for themselves. I hate that. Life is cruel and unfair therefore it is cruel and unfair to bring people into it. Especially without knowing what the afterlife will bring if you believe in it. All we have to do is think of life as a game and set rules that will make it as fair and as it can be while promoting happiness and preventing pain suffering and misery in which ever order you prefer.

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