All Women should Support Legalizing Prostitution for Consenting Adults, It will greatly protect Women from Rape & Keep Women Safe

  • If I was a Woman I would Support Legalizing Prostitution

    Rape is a Terrible Crime, I don't condone Rape, I think it's terrible when it happens to anyone, It really is, It's Common Sense when I state that if I was a Woman, That as a Matter of Common Sense I would Support Legalized Sex Work/Prostitution for All Consenting Adults in Every State of the United States and Everywhere in the World, Knowing that it greatly Reduces Rape & Attempted Rape, & Sexual Assault, That's what the Evidence Shows, The Pros of Legalizing Prostitution greatly outweigh the alleged Cons

  • No, It will worsen their self-esteem

    It can be argued that people who have sex for work rather than as part of a healthy relationship have poor self-esteem, Or at the very least it soon will be from exposing themselves to everyone. Men do not want anything to do with a woman most of the time who shows herself to other men. I am a woman and I have heard them say this, They respect women who are non-sex-workers more.

  • The legalization of prostitution will not effect rape.

    Before getting into the argument, There must first be an understanding of why rape happens. The default viewpoint is that rape comes from lust. Men who get desperate and force a woman into sex do it out of the primal desires. But, Those assumptions are false because there are a lot of men desperate for sex, But they do not act to the extreme of raping women because people are more than reptiles.

    No, There is another, More important factor in rape; mental illness. You see, Prostitution will not help rape victims because the perpetrators will be just as perverted. Since those perversions are what lead to rape, Incidences will not change due to a legalization of prostitution.

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