All you know about the case is a woman is saying a man raped her. Do you take the woman's side?

Asked by: Hamilton456
  • The trauma of a trial would not be induced without reason.

    A woman who was sexually assaulted often times feels that she is the one at fault in the situation and, To lose the uncomfortable feelings, Our brain tricks us into downplaying the situation. For a woman to acknowledge the fact that the crime happened to her is monumental. That means that we have to trust the fact that what she is saying is true, Because it is hard for a woman to face her assailant and it is even harder when there are people telling her that nothing really happened.

  • You need evidence

    Innocent until proven guilty. In this example, There has been no evidence to show that the man is, In fact guilty, Therefore, Unless the woman can prove that the man had raped her I will always choose the innocent side, In this case, The man. Now if the woman were able to provide evidence I would side with her, But if no evidence arrives then I will side with the man

  • I Stand Neutral

    I believe in innocent until proven guilty. An investigation and possible court case should still be carried out, The woman should be heard before the final decision is made, But if no evidence can be provided, Tough luck. There's a reason why we have due process, It's a protection to make sure the criminal justice system isn't abused. It's true its only a tiny percentage of rape accusers are liars, But we have a duty to make sure we don't accidentally create more victims ourselves (through miscarriage of justice) in the name of trying to help crime victims, Otherwise that damages the point of such a system.

  • Presumption of Innocence

    The man has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. If the woman has absolutely NO evidence against the man, There is no reason to believe her. We cannot imprison a man just because he might have raped someone because someone said so and we have no evidence that they are telling the truth.

  • Not without evidence

    Why does this generation act as if women aren't capable of lying? I know two women that lied about getting raped when they were younger so their parents would take them to get the morning after pill. Women will often lie to gain social capital, Manipulation, Or to protect the perception of who they are and what they like.

    Posted by: Iroc
  • Innocent until proved guilty

    This is one of the most important parts of our judicial system, If we lose sight of that then our legal system is toast. We have to have faith in the people.
    Please never ever make a fake rape call. This just adds to the boy who cries wolf problem around rape.

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