All you know about the case is a woman is saying a man raped her. Do you take the woman's side or the man's side?

Asked by: Hamilton456
  • The man because we have a thing called "Guilty until Proven Innocent".

    I have a argument that most people don't look at. I am gonna change the case its a murder case the man is now black and instead of raping the women he allegedly killed her daughter with no proof is he guilty? I assume you would say no. Back before the civil rights movement these cases weren't uncommon and often the black man would be judged guilty with no proof or even more proof to he was innocent. We are going back to the 30s 40s 50s where it doesn't matter if we have proof we just need to use our emotions and ruin someones life forever.

  • The man's side. "Innocent until proven guilty. "

    Innocent until PROVEN guilty! What do people not get about the word PROVEN? Before I trust the charge, There must be evidence. This topic is kind of ridiculous, Because there will rarely be a case when all you hear is that there was a rape and that's it. There would be evidence on either side.

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