• They Need The Money

    Many teenagers do not have financial support, And therefore need to work a lot more to save up for college. They have all the right to do so as well. Teenagers need to pay for over 1000 dollars worth of books, Making sure they work at night. As you can see, Teenagers need to work at night.

  • Depends on the country

    Teenagers, Especially of the latest generations, Have the capacity and criteria to work overall. This is due to globalization, The Internet and the easier access they have to education and information. Nonetheless, To me, It depends on statistics of how safe the country is overall (but specially at night), Its legislation on child labor and the analysis of the short and long term consequences this practice will have on both society and the economy.

  • Really bad idea

    If you want to have a well educated workforce you need teenagers to do well at school. An often cited way to improve memory formation and retention is by improving sleep quality. Because of biology, The best quality sleep is at night. Therefore, At night, Teenagers should be sleeping, Not working.

  • You don't know what you ask for

    Working at night is hard and messes up people. Only a small percentage of people can work at night because they are not normal. It will cause health problems and give poor quality.
    I had someone in my family who work at nights. He just became cranky all the time and struggled to sleep in the day and way always tired.
    Even today you can see people falling asleep in 24 hour restaurants and gas stations. If it was a teen it would be even worse customer service.

  • I am wary of I am wary of this idea as teenagers have a fragile body.

    But it's better than just hanging around at night. And among teenagers, Too, There are both larks and owls. And some teens like to walk at night. Especially in the afternoon there is heat and you can also get a sunburn. And at night there is no heat and ultraviolet radiation.

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