Almost half of voters think Hillary committed illegal acts with private email server: Is the party right to nominate her?

  • Despite the scandal, she still has a great deal of support from voters.

    Even though almost half of voters may believe this, the numbers don't lie. Hilary has been able to amass an incredible amount of support. Regardless of their thoughts on the email server scandal, the voters are still favoring her, and if the voters are still supporting her, the party should absolutely nominate her.

  • Democratic Party should nominate Clinton

    The Democratic Party should nominate Hillary Clinton, despite many believing she committed illegal acts regarding the use of a private e-mail server. Allegations are being made by political enemies, and usage does not prove a criminal act was subsequently committed. Her predecessors also used private e-mail accounts and servers. She is the most qualified candidate.

  • The party should not nominate Hillary.

    There is no reason at all that the Democratic Party should nominate someone who has been known to lie for the Presidential position and to represent their party. In my opinion, no party should want to be represented by one who lacks integrity and honesty. The greatest value of a candidate is honesty.

  • The democratic party is wrong to nominate HIllary

    The democratic party support of Hillary Clinton shows exactly the lack of conviction and morals that the party has. How it can support a proven liar, who continues to lie day after day, is beyond me. If the country elects this woman we most certainly deserve the government we get. God help us all if she wins.

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