Alsace Lorraine: Are Alsace and North-Eastern Lorraine more French than German in terms of culture?

  • Yes they are.

    Alsace and North Eastern Lorraine are more German then French in terms of their culture. Alsace and North Eastern Lorraine was taken from Germany by France, so they were apart of German culture for a much longer time, so all of that culture is instilled deep into the people of Alsace Lorraine.

  • Alsace-Lorraine has a unique culture of its own, a hybrid of French and German.

    Alsace-Lorraine is originally a Germanic land and this is still evident today in many of its place-names, architecture, traditions, and the regional language, Alsatian -- a dialect of German. Yet is has also been under French domination for some three-hundred years, excluding two periods under the German Second and Third Reichs, and as a result is also very much French. As a result today it really has a unique culture of its own that is really a hybrid of both French and German cultures.

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