Alsace Lorraine: Do the inhabitants prefer to be French?

  • Mostly they do

    French people in my limited knowledge, and all of Europe in a more general sense, seem to carry the weight of an inferiority complex with them and their counter balance to this is to be incredibly nationalistic is a bad sense, preferring their country for the sake that they were born in it, unlike the majority of Americans who, while plenty do for the wrong reasons, love or like it based on ideas, institutions, and culture.

  • No, they have been German culturally.

    No, the inhabitants of Alsace Lorraine do not prefer to be French, because culturally, they have a great deal of German influence. People usually prefer to be a part of the culture that they identify with. The people of Alsace Lorraine have more German in them than French, and they should be allowed to identify with their heritage.

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