• Twitter must take action to eliminate fake accounts

    The alt-right has shown that they are a hate group and hope to destroy the lives and freedoms of others. Twitter has already taken steps to eliminate accounts that use hate speech. All social media companies must take steps to eliminate any fake accounts that could be used for hate.

  • Yes it should

    If the accounts were banned for hate speech in the first place, then Twitter should absolutely ban the fake ones. This is of course as long as it can figure out that they were created for the purpose of promoting and spreading hate speech. Twitter should be proactive in trying to eliminate as much hate speech and racist posts as possible.

  • Ye, i agree.

    I support this. Twitter should actually take action against the fake black accounts. This accounts are responsible for the fraud activities and other corrupted contents. Twitter should take into account to sample the spam Twitter accounts and block their users. We have to promote the best ideas on Social Media.

  • Yes, I think so.

    But if the company is going to start removing accounts belonging to anyone who says anything remotely offensive, it is going to be spending all of its time doing that, and by doing so it is probably going to alienate as many users as to which it appeals. Do we really want Twitter to be the one that decides what constitutes appropriate speech, and who is allowed to exercise it?

  • No it is unjust

    It is morally unjust for twitter to subjectively decide what is acceptable and what is unacceptable and they are proving that they are biased towards the left. Sure things like threats or direct calls to violence should not be tolerated but "hate speech" is such a broad term now that I think it represents more than it should. And by the way the biggest spam on twitter comes from all of its bigger users that generate them the most cash, those stupid parody accounts that all tweet the same thing.

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