Alt-right student convicted or arson: Is the United States more racist than it was before Obama?

  • There is bad behavior on both sides.

    Yes, the United States is more racist than it was before Obama, because statistics show that racists incidents are at an all time high. Sometimes, minorities just attack other people because of the color of their skin. Sometimes white police officers accuse people of being criminals when they're not, just because of the color of their skin.

  • No, i don`t think so.

    You don't have to be overtly racist to be racist! Just because you don't run around using the n-word and thinking to yourself "man, black people are inferior" or "chinese people are all liars" doesn't mean you're not a racist. If you don't think that social inequality based on race or gender exists - that women don't make less than men (they absolutely do based on every single stat ever) or that black men are killed and incarcerated at a higher rate than whites EVEN if the crimes are the same (again, absolutely true based on studies) - then you are totally victim of unconscious bias! You may not be racist or sexist but you are certainly not aware of the effects of racism or sexism - you're just a bystander who thinks that nothing is the matter. And that's about as bad.

  • The United States is not more racist than it was before Obama

    The United States is no more or no less racist than was before Pres. Obama. The only reason it seems that way is that these crackpot fringe groups are widely covered by the elite media who wants to make it look like every little criticism of a black person is indicative of racism.

  • Racial tensions and issues are not increasing, but the media is more likely to run stories involving racIst issues.

    Racism has been a problem in this country before Obama became president and it still is today. It hasn't increased exactly, but it has become more publicized by the media. Racial tensions has been driven higher and higher because of the media's focus on it and a lack of people with the power to address the issue on a nationwide scale doing so.

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