Alt-Right's Professor Watch List : Does academia really discriminate against conservative students?

  • To say that it does is a severe understatement.

    This is particularly an issue on college campuses, which should be the prime exemplars of free speech. Conservative speakers are constantly heckled, assaulted on campus, or banned from speaking entirely by the Marxist students and the faculty that egg them on. Any students that openly believe in conservative values are attacked in a very similar manner. The way conservatives in general are treated on campus is absolutely detestable, and the universities that are complacent in such activities don't deserve a penny of funding.

  • Academia is intollerant

    The recent Presidential election has given far too many examples of Colleges and professors taking actions that curb the free speech of conservative students for each to be dismissed as anecdotal or isolated incidents. The simple fact that some professors allowed students out of tests the day after the election because of the result is more than enough evidence that too often academia does not play it straight when it comes to freedom of thought.

  • No, academia does not really discriminate against conservative students.

    No, academia does not really discriminate against conservative students. Conservative students must embrace facts, otherwise they do not belong in school. For someone to believe in creationism over evolution is ignoring the facts. They can say that a liberal professor is trying to brainwash them, but they are really just saving them from stupidity.

  • No, it does not.

    Academia does not descriminate against conservative students. Instead, many conservative theories do not hold water when they are faced with the rigorous methods used in Acedemia. There are also may fields where conservatives and liberals work together, because their research is neither conservative or liberal, such as mathematics and pure science.

  • No, academia does not discriminate against conservative students

    No, academia does not discriminate against conservative students. The alt-right professor watch list is not about conservatism, it's about extremism which is dangerous on both ends of the spectrum. Conservatives can be found in academia, but are generally in areas of law, and business where they find like-minded people. The idea that academia is discriminatory toward conservative students is just part of a propaganda-laced campaign to make an opening for alt-rights and extremists to gain power.

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