Am I A Christian Hypocrite For Standing Up And Learning From Atheists?

Asked by: 1lwalker
  • Depends on what you are learning

    Technically, to be a christian hypocrite (all are, on that same technicality) you would have to be espousing the beliefs of christianity only in part.

    In that sense, if you are contradicting your own teachings, standing against the divine mandates of your god in one sentence, and claiming it is divinely inspired perfection in the next, then yes, you are indeed a hypocrite.

    Not all hypocrisy is bad. Today's hypocrite is tomorrow's voice for reason and tolerance. This is from my perspective as an atheist. I do not hold the bible to be true, accurate, or even very useful when you take it on the whole. So, for me, your departure from these things, learning outside that box, may make you a hypocrite in the short term in that limited context, but makes you a better person outside that context.

    Learning is good.

  • Hypocrisy is seeking truth, then cherry-picking evidence


    Is there any thinking that doesn't benefit from skeptical challenge or competing thought?

    To my mind, one of the most malignant hypocrisies in the world is to claim supreme moral authority from ignorance and self-interest. It's similar to what despotic dictators do, in category if not degree.

    Monotheists are free to explore the idea of a single divinity, but having asserted the privilege of their own ideas being the *only* truth, I think there's also a moral obligation to test and retest the competing ideas of multiple divinities, or no divinity, or the single divinity you've nominated not having the properties you think it does.

    How can we care about the human condition and *not* learn from the way other humans think?

    I hope that may help, :)

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  • How could you be?

    I myself am a Christian and have learned much from atheists. Heck, there is nothing we are never learning from something. I do not find anything wrong in learning from the opposing view, however you must have your foundation built on strong ground before and/or while you learn from the other side. You must believe the fundamental truth of God's Word to call yourself a Christian, that being the gospel. Grasp that with all your might; learn and prosed from there.

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Mike01506 says2014-12-11T15:09:09.827
I'm unsure if you're a hypocrite or not. But whatever your religion, it's wise to learn from both atheist and religious points of view so that you can make your own decision, certainly something that many religions try and prevent from happening.