• Yes you are:

    Solipsism is not real but Solipsism is reality. No one else actually exists outside of you since your worldview is contained to you and therefore all data you receive as input is processed as though it were "of" you. There is absolutely no way to exist outside of this rather circuitous continuum.

  • Solipsism is a stupid concept

    If Solipsism were to be true then why do you exist in the first place? How did your mental existence and capabilities come about and why do things people, experiences exist and are the way they are/behave.If i was the only mind that existed then perhaps through the existence of my mind,then another can exist. To be a solipsist is in fact, indirectly defining yourself with the high position of God, which in this case you clearly are not as u are unsure of many things in the world, even your own existence

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