Am I the only one who believes that our society is the new Roman Empire?

  • America is not the New Roman Empire:

    America's wealth and power is isolated and unstable. The ideology behind ideas that are "American" such as the "American Dream" or "Freedom" are all ambiguous, weakened currently, and are by even the citizens seen as listless empty mantras to sucker people into the land and then shock them with how harsh life is here.

    The Roman Empire's influence was not collaborated as is America's or Europe's if that's what you're referring to, because Europe as a union and superpower suffers the same basic problems even though all-in-all it is not suffering the same exact issues.

    Rome's Empire can't exist in a globalized world because the fragility of the situation is too great; where Rome conquered America and "The First World" are more inclined to nudge, to pressure, and to concede instead of to turn to swords instead of words.

  • I agree, but for different reasons

    You say that America is like the Roman Empire as if that is a bad thing. The Romans were a beautiful, diverse and loving civilisation. They were cruel, yes, but much kinder than many of their contemporaries such as the Celts. And if America is Rome, that makes Australia Byzantium. So, I think that to say our culture is like Rome, is a life-affirming and noble thing. Pax Romana!

  • We Care more for our...

    ... Entertainers than we do our Healers, Safety Personnel, Educators ect.

    An American Football player makes several Multi-Millions of dollars a year where as our healers make considerably less.

    An American Basketball player is the same when compared to our Educators.

    And possibly worse of all our Police and Fire Fighters make so much less than our entertainers such as actors and sports stars that its embarrassing.

    Is there anyway to insure this type of issue is resolved without an economic crash of any sort?

    Answer YES if you believe I am the only one, and NO if you Agree.

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