Amanda Knox Case Drags On: Is Amanda Knox being treated differently because she is American?

  • Yes, there is discrimination based on her citizenship.

    The Italian justice system is showing extreme prejudice against Amanda Knox and that is why the case is still dragging on. It appears that any time there is a decision made that they don't like then they just chose to ignore anything that leans towards her innocence. It almost appears as if they are using the philosophy of keep trying the case in court until they get the result they want.

  • Perhaps BUT double jeopardy is simply wrong

    You go to court you are found not guilty that should be the end of it. They should get to try you again on the same charges. That's abusive and wrong. The United States is against that and hence we should not subject Amanda Knox to that kind of tyranny. A great deal of the 'evidence' they used to convict her was based on subjective interpretations of her body language and people tend to be overconfident in their accuracy in reading body language.

  • Yes, Amanda Knox is being treated differently because she is an American.

    Yes, Amanda Knox is being treated differently because she is an American. Knox is being held to a higher standard because she is an American. It is unfair for her to be tried on the same charges a second time. Knox is innocent and should be left alone as long as she stays in the United States.

  • Yes she is

    Americans are treated differently around the world than people from other nations. Sometimes we're treated better than others, sometimes worse. I think Amanda Knox is being given some preferential treatment since she is an American citizen. The prison guards who can compare her treatment in prison to that of others seem to think that she's been treated better.

  • No, Amanda Knox is being treated fairly.

    Amanda Knox has been treated the same way that anyone would be treated in the United States. There are laws to protect and regulate foreign crimes and punishment. By creating a crime in Italy, Amanda had to serve punishment in Italy, but she is a United States citizen, which has caused her to be treated with the same measures as any other US citizen.

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Craighawley215 says2014-07-02T14:26:55.567
Am I missing something here? How does her being an American make her different in the American prison system? Do you mean that American citizens have better legal protection and treatment than non-Americans in America? Because that's how it works. If an American goes to Europe, of course they are treated different from Europeans. That's just how legal systems are set up.