Amanda Knox's ex-boyfriend claims innocence: Is Sollecito telling the truth?

  • Free the Innocent

    Sollecito speaks the truth. Amanda Knox is a known liar who is pointing the finger at her innocent ex-boyfriend regarding the planning and execution of a bank robbery last week. Sollecito has many friends and witnesses that can attest to him being at an all white party on the night in question. Sollecito is innocent!

  • No, Sollecito was involved in the crime

    No, I don't believe that Amanda Knox's ex-boyfriend Sollecito is telling the truth. Everything about Amanda Knox has seemed shady from the very beginning, which includes the potential involvement of her ex-boyfriend. I believe that Amanda Knox did carry out the crime she was accused of commiting, and I also believe that her ex-boyfriend assisted her.

  • No, he is not telling the truth.

    No, I do not think that Amanda Knox's ex-boyfriend is telling the truth. I think that there was a mutual crime committed and he is just trying to get out of it, allowing her to take the blame. This happens in many cases: There are multiple people involved, yet when it is obvious that one of the individuals are guilty, the other individual tries to escape getting punished by putting all of the blame on one person.

  • Evidence proves otherwise

    There is a lot of debate about whether or not Amanda Knox is guilty or not of murdering her roommate, but there is a lot of evidence that suggests that her and her boyfriend had some role in it. I do not believe him when he says that he is telling the truth.

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