Amazon Cut by $35 Billion under Trump: Will the economy fare better now that Trump is becoming President?

  • He is pro business.

    As soon as Trump was elected, stocks soared. Business are optimistic about what Trump will do for health care. He wants to put American business to work and remove barriers for small businesses. He is the first President to have been a serious business owner before he was President. These are positive things for American businesses.

  • Yes, i agree.

    I agree with this. I actually believe that the economy fare will better now that Trump i becoming President. This is evidenced by the Amazon cut by $35 Billion under Donald Trump. Since the election of Donald Trump, the economy has been improving in the various sectors especially in business.

  • No, I think Trump's economic policies will have a negative effect on the economy.

    Stock markets around the world, especially in Europe and Asia, began to slide in the few days preceding the election, rattled by the prospect of how a Trump presidency could influence markets overseas. Then, shortly after it was announced that Trump was elected President, they began to tumble even more precipitously. The Amazon drop is only the latest in a series of technology companies experiencing losses in the face of Trump's impending presidency, with Facebook and Apple among those that took a dip late last week. If this trend continues, the combination of shaky global markets with shaky growth in the technology sector could have major ramifications.

  • The bankers are still in control

    Although Trump ran on a message of 'draining the swamp' that is Washington D.C., his early appointments have made it obvious that this was nothing more than rhetoric to get votes. From Bolton to Christie to Giuliani, his advisers are the same old Washington Republican insiders that we dealt with during the Bush years. We all remember how great the economy was then.

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