Amazon offers employees $5K to quit: Would you quit your job for $5000?

  • Yes, being offered $5000 to quit would be a dream come true.

    I can't speak to the Amazon job, but I can think of many jobs I've had in the past which I would be happy to quit for $5000, or considerably less. When I consider some of the mind-numbing, soul-destroying, time-wasting jobs I've had, it's wonderful to imagine the boss saying, "I'll pay you $5000 to quit." I would grab that check and run to the bank before he had time to come to his senses.

  • This is better than being made redundant!

    If you are offered the money, it is enough to survive on while looking for another job with another company. If you decline, you will simply be fired and receive nothing. This is a greater way of making people redundant, as you do not have the stress of living in poverty while searching for a new life.

  • Why quit a job you enjoy, even for $5,000?

    Although it sounds like a great deal, being paid to quit, the offer is really a smart play by CEO Jeff Bezos. He only wants workers who want to be there and are in it for a long haul. So the question is whether I would leave a job I like, to enter an uncertain job market, with, at the most, $5,000 in my pocket? Definitely not. I prefer to have a steady income rather than a lump sum that will eventually run out.

  • No, absolutely not.

    That is a mere fraction of my yearly income and not nearly enough to tempt me to quit my job. Amazon offers great benefits including health care and anyone would be a fool to quit unless they already had another job lined up. The economy has improved but jobs are still hard to come by, so no, this would not be tempting.

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