Amazon says it will create 100,000 jobs in U.S. by 2018. Are tech companies going to be the leading source of new jobs in the next decade?

  • That's where the money is

    Technology has advanced very rapidly over the last couple of decades, and it seems that this field is what keeps everything else running anymore. I think that we will definitely see increases in the technology field as far as jobs, even when other fields are losing jobs. Tech is where it's at!

  • Yes, tech companies will lead job creation.

    Tech companies will likely be the leading source of new jobs created in America over the coming years. The tech industry has come roaring back since the dot-com bust and many companies are growing at steady rates. The increased demand for tech products and services is fueling new job creation in the industry.

  • There will be new laws.

    Yes, tech companies will produce more laws in the United States by 2018, because Trump has promised to make it more difficult to move jobs overseas. There will be new laws and public pressure from Trump's Twitter feed. The companies will cave to this because they don't want to upset Trump.

  • Tech companies are going to be the leading source of new jobs in the next decade

    Tech companies are going to be the leading source of new jobs in the next decade, and for decades beyond that. It is a new economic world order. Long gone are the days of people doing the bulk of manufacturing jobs. Robots and other technological advances are seeing to that.

  • Simply, When there

    Is not enough demand in the market [people lost their jobs due to level of technology in the country + exposure to imports] it is practically impossible in long run a company could sustain and create more jobs, unless they are willing to bleed money. And the trend is when new tech company emerges, it replaces more jobs than it creates. Although the new jobs paid more, eventually competition would bring wages towards a standard of living [that standard of living depends, whether there are more jobless or there are more job availability, only if jobs availability is more than people seeking for work, wages would be above minimum standard.] [think theme park closures, the current system puts pressures on business that employs lots of people]

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